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Therapy for your Thoughts

In CBT, Therapy by Mary-Anne Wijting

Therapy can change your thought life. Our thoughts are ever present, running through our head like a non-stop stream of ideas, fears and hopes. One might think that our thoughts are ‘just thoughts’, products of our brain that have little consequence in and of themselves. In fact, scientific research is pointing to quite the opposite – our thoughts seem to have a major influence on every part of our being, even to the point of being able to influence the behavior of our DNA. We literally are what we think.

You are what you think

The implications are enormous. What you think and what you cultivate in your thought life is going to determine how you live life. Negative or toxic thinking can affect every area of your being, including your physical brain and body, and even your spiritual wellbeing. Most people have days where they are more prone to feeling negative and frustrated, days when things just look grey or black. That is perfectly normal. What really matters is what you do at those times and how you react – do you allow yourself to continue to spiral down or do you decide to take charge of what is happening in your thoughts? If you haven’t already done so, read more about toxic thoughts in my blog post Pigs in the Parlor.


Epigenetics (how genes and genetic expression affect our physiology) and neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to ‘rewire’ itself) are scientific concepts that are discussed at length in the field of mental health today. The basic premise is that your thoughts and choices have a significant impact on your physical brain, body and mental health.

The bottom line is that you can choose to change and embrace healthier thought processes and creative solutions for your life. By doing so, you will trigger positive processes throughout your body.

Change can be frightening

The thought of change can feel frightening and daunting at first; after all, it took you years of thinking a certain way to create the mental state that you may find yourself in today. That is where counseling comes in. A trained professional can help you implement a strategy specifically tailored for your personal situation, be it anxiety, depression, recurring trauma memories or any other mental health issue that you may be dealing with. You don’t have to do this alone; therapists are trained to help you.

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Mary-Anne Wijting, Counselor

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