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Guess How Much I Love You

In Miscellaneous by Mary-Anne Wijting

Love, loving and feeling loved... it is the heart beat of life. We all need to love others and also feel that we are loved; we need it as much as we need to breathe.

The poem below captures the magic of love beautifully. As you read it, allow your heart to be flooded by feelings of love. Unlike some other feelings, this is one that you can and should allow yourself to indulge in.

Sit in a quiet place and think of someone you love, or if there is no someone, a pet that you love dearly. If you have children, you may want to read the poem to them. What does it feel like to love like this?

Now think of a parent or a grandparent who loved you, or maybe a friend that loved you. Look in your dog’s eyes and feel how much they love you. What does this feel like?

Let the words of the poem wash over you. Try to locate the sensation that it creates inside your body and stay with it for a bit, marinade in it.

Guess How Much I Love You

Little Nut Brown Hare, who was going to bed, held on tight to Big Nutbrown Hare's very long ears. He wanted to be sure that Big Nutbrown Hare was listening.

"Guess how much I love you," he said.

"Oh, I don't think I could guess that," said Big Nutbrown Hare.

"This much," said Little Nutbrown Hare, stretching out his arms as wide as they could go.

Big Nutbrown Hare had even longer arms." But I love YOU this much," he said.

Hmmm, that is a lot thought Little Nutbrown Hare.

"I love you as high as I can reach," said Little Nutbrown Hare.

"I love you as High as I can reach," said Big Nutbrown Hare.

That is quite high, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. I wish I had arms like that.

Then Little Nutbrown Hare had a good idea. He tumbled upside down and reached up the tree trunk with his feet.

"I love you all the way up to my toes!" he said.

"And I love you all the way up to your toes," said Big Nutbrown Hare, swinging him up over his head.

"I love you as high as I can HOP!" laughed Little Nutbrown Hare, bouncing up and down.

"But I love you as high as I can hop," smiled Big Nutbrown hare-and he hopped so high that his ears touched the branches above.

That’s good hopping, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. I wish I could hop like that.

"I love you all the way down the lane as far as the river," cried Little Nutbrown Hare.

That's very far, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. He was almost too sleepy to think anymore. Then he looked beyond the thorn bushes, out into the big dark night. Nothing could be further than the sky.

"I love you right up to the MOON," he said, and closed his eyes.

"Oh, that's far," said Big Nut Brown Hare. "That’s is very far."

Big Nutbrown Hare settled Little Nutbrown Hare into his bed of leaves. He leaned over and kissed him good night.

Then he lay down close by and whispered with a smile, "I love you right up to the moon - AND BACK."

 - Sam McBratney

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