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Overcoming Depression

In Depression, Therapy by Mary-Anne Wijting

Depression is a debilitating experience. It robs those who suffer from it of their life force, their hope and their desire to go on with life. Depressed people have a hard time envisaging a future, which can lead to self-harm.

But there are things that can be done! The following are some simple steps you can take that can make a big difference in how you feel.

Mindfullness to treat depression

The practice of mindfulness has been proven to lower depression scores and we can actually see it happening in the brain. When you practice mindfulness — to focus your mind on what you are feeling in your body — you spend less time in the part of the brain that likes to ruminate on old stories that keep us stuck in the past. Instead, you will spend more time connecting to the area of the brain responsible for sensing the world. Read my blog post on Mindfulness for more information on how to practice mindfulness!

Love yourself out of depression

Be kind to yourself! To have compassion toward yourself will reduce the time you spend rehearsing those unhelpful stories from the past and will increase your well-being. This will in turn decrease your anxiety and depression. Think of some things that you like about yourself. Treat yourself like a dear friend instead of like an enemy!

Beat depression through compassion

Compassion practices can shift activity to the left prefrontal cortex, which is associated with positive emotions and resiliency. We can grow the areas of the brain associated with empathy and compassion by practicing mindfulness exercises. Your thoughts and choices impact your brain and your body and your relationships. 

Play – a natural anti-depressant

Studies reveal that the act of playing gives you more energy, makes you more efficient, and serves as a natural anti-depressant. Plan some fun activities with friends or family. Do something fun today!

Live with purpose

Living with greater purpose has been proven to reduce the expression of genes associated with cellular inflammation, which is associated with many diseases and depression. Find your purpose in life. Do what you love to do!

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Mary-Anne Wijting, Counselor

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